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Swimwear, swim caps, rash guards and more made from the durable Lycras, Spandex
and Anti-chlorine fabrics. All of our poducts are form fitting and ready for the pool. Whether you are training for the big competition or just doing a few laps in the pool one is certain: You will love your Velox swimwear!

Our mix of spandex, lycra and dryfit
material is light, formfitting,
breathable and sweat resistant.
Our cycling pants, jerseys and full body
suits are flexible and durable
allowing you to move quickly and comfortably.

Made from the toughest of lycra,
our wrestling apparel offers
unmatched durability and comfort.
With stretchable fibers that are sweat­resistant.
You will be ensured maximum
performance as you pin the competition.

Proud members of the
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